About Tökfej and Our Mission

I believe many of you have wondered what does Tökfej mean? It is actually a Hungarian word means 'Pumpkin-head' and it is pronounced as 'Terk-Fei'.

Our Mission
We care about You.

Sugary and fatty food are easy to grab from grocery stores, which is one of the reasons contribute to the increase in obesity. We are health-conscious people and would like to take this chance to show our care to your health. We keep experimenting recipes to make our goods with healthier alternatives, but taste even better! Also, adding lots of love and passion during the process, in achieving happy and loved customers. 

Why are they so small?
---portion control is another key.

Our cookies are quite different, they are way smaller than a normal American cookie. They are Bite-Sized. Some of you might wonder ‘Why Are They So Small?’ or maybe you think we did it on purpose in order to maximise our profits. Truly, in a business mindset, profit is the main motivation. And if I’m telling you that we didn’t take cost minimisation into account, we must be lying. 

But we actually chose this size with reason! The reason is that I would love to enjoy my cookie in ONE FULL BITE! To taste the aromatic matcha flavor perfectly combined with chocolates in ONE GO! So I wish our customers can also enjoy our WHOLE COOKIE in ONE BITE! So you can feel the Full Sensation and Texture!

And personally, I think only the First Few Bites are the most indulging, then the Last Bites are the least enjoyable because you’ll start to remember all those calories and stuff.

We believe other than baking with healthier recipes, Portion Control is also very important. But we are all humans. Snacking is essential because sometimes we just need that sweetness in your life! That's what our cookies are made for! Even though they are smaller but we believe they are the most ideal size for afternoon tea snacks. They won’t make you too full so you can still enjoy your dinner afterward. 

So, I hope this explains more about our products. 

*We are a registered business (company house number: 11833595), and registered our food business with Tower Hamlets Council.