Chinese New Year cookies

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Chinese New Year Cookie Tin contains 32 pcs of Cookies, 8pcs each + 1 Red Pocket
Salted Egg Yolk cookie 咸蛋黃曲奇
Crumbly cookies loaded generously with salted egg yolk and curry leaves! They are crazily addictive so be careful!

Sesame crisps (V) 芝麻脆片
Zero butter, only a dash of oil, Oven baked crisps. The healthiest option but still indulging! They are filled with nutty and aromatic sesame flavour!

Jujube & Longan Shortbread 紅棗桂圓酥餅
Jujube is a type of Chinese dates, it has been part of the Chinese diet for nearly 2,000 years! it helps rejuvenate and replenish blood levels as these dates are rich in Vitamin C. On the other hand, Longan is a fruit which known as balancing the vital energy of the body (Chi).

Marshmallow cookie 雪花酥
It is like Nougat but in a less sugary and sticky version. We used melted marshmallow to put all the nuts, crackers and dried fruits together, plus Pork Floss to balance out the sweetness!


Customer Reviews

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Great way to share love

I ordered two boxes - one for me and one for my aunt and uncle. We all enjoy the cookies even though we could not meet each other this year. My favourite is the salted egg ones but others are so good too!

Yummy in my ever expanding tummy!

The CNY cookies are so more-ish I just had to order more. Very addictive in terms of taste, flavour and texture.

Yummy cookies!

They were all great but the sesame crisps were the best with a nice little kick at the end. Also got some for my brother as a CNY gift and he was really impressed with the presentation.


They were perfect! We couldn't pick a favorite, and the whole tin was almost finished in one sitting.

Love these cookies

Amazing how great they tasted. They were all very nice but my favourites were the sesame crisps and salted egg yolk cookies, they were so additive. Definitely a nice treat for Chinese New Year.