Build-Your-Own Dacquoise

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Dacquoise is a layered cake originated from Acquitaine, a region in the South-West of France. It takes its name from the feminine form of the French word dacquois, meaning 'of Dax', a town in southwestern France. This cake is usually served with two layers of meringue, with various of flavours of buttercream in between.
The meringue is not the usual meringue you've tried, they are nutty, crispy and soft inside! It is a very special sweet treat! Our Dacquoise may look a bit different from those traditional ones in France, as we would like to add some Asian touches, combining the western baking techniques with Asian favours. The rich and earthy taste from Matcha perfectly combined with the nutty and creamy Black Sesame! Its a MUST-TRY!
Allergens information: Gluten, Nuts, Eggs, Dairy
Weight: 64g/pcs
Calories: 196kcal/pcs