Matcha Cookies

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Tokfej Bakery's Signature! We use Premium Grade Matcha powder from its origin, Kyoto. As most of you have all know, Matcha has superpowers! It contains antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that deliver health benefits no other food, drink, or traditional green tea can.

These signature Matcha Cookies are Crunchy on the outside and Soft in the inside. The Sophisticated bitterness from the Premium Matcha combines with the sweetness from the chocolate chips will definitely warm your soul. Absolutely scrumptious! If this is your first order, gives this a try!




Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Chiu
Best cookies ever

Not too sweet and love the rich matcha flavor!

Isaac Kershaw

I shared these with my little sister and we both agreed they tasted absolutely wonderful, will be buying again :)


I opted for the milk chocolate filling and these were delicious especially when they were warmed up. Nice matcha cookie, highly recommend.

Best matcha cookies I've ever had

Excellent quality, not too sweet. I ordered the matcha filling, simply divine.

Yiran Li
perfect taste but very slow delivery...

I bought matcha cookies with milk choco, matchi, hochi, coffee beans and sea salt. They are all awesome. However they were not delivered until three days after they were dispatched. And in the brochure it says cookies should be consumed within three days... and I’m just in the west side of London! So don’t know why it takes so long to deliver these cookies when I already paid 5 pounds for a next day delivery :/ would probs just recommend people buy the cookies from the shop instead of choosing delivery..